Willy Truitt fires one of his
62 passes on the day. Truitt
completed 35 passes including
17 touchdowns.

Chris Cork and Kirby Newell
show what Cork Bowl is
all about in this "action" shot.
Newell had 15 catches and
Cork had the huge interception
late in the 4th quarter to seal
the Weasel victory

Jerseys are always interesting at Cork Bowl, and Cork Bowl 9 was no exception. Josh Williamson shows off his "Hoot Owls" jersey that includes all of the Weasels listed as "Endangered Species". Williamson finished the game with a career high 10 receptions and also had 8 tackles.

At right, Patrick Cork's jersey
didn't quite make it through Cork
Bowl in one piece. It was destroyed
early in the 2nd quarter.

At left, Patrick Cork shows his Weasel pride on his backside while
at right he takes a break at halftime in the cool shade by the
Dawg Pound. Patrick garnered his second straight Cork Bowl MVP
Award this year for his 14 catch/6 touchdown performance on offense.
He also added a game-high 10 tackles and had an interception.

Newly retired Cork Bowler Tony Cork
tries to cool off at halftime with a cool
glass of lemonade. Cork announced the
game for the second time in 3 years. Last
year Cork silenced the critics about his age
by leading his team to a victory by tying
Cork Bowl records in completions (51) and
touchdowns (18).

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