Breaking News from the Players and their Agents

December 14th - Ermine Receive Inspirational Letter from Coach
December 11th - Willy Truitt Inspires Team...and Writes a Song

December 10th - Kirby Newell Thanks League; Answers Questions
December 9th - Reggie Truitt Answers Scoop's Harsh Remarks
December 7th - Greg Howard Responds to Commissioner
December 6th - The Commissioner Lashes Out at Players

December 5th - Willy Truitt Welcomes New Teammate

December 4th - Williamson Out, Helton In

November 7th - Bandicoot Representative Speaks to Team

November 6th - Henney Replies to QB's Low Expectations

November 3rd - Jeff Henney Reports on Ermine Practice

November 2nd - Patrick Cork Breaks Ermine Silence

November 2nd - Greg Howard Speaks Again

October 30th - Willy Truitt's Doctor Reports on QB's Injury

October 26th - Reggie Truitt Convinced Bandicoots Will Win

October 25th - Ryan Tomlinson Responds to Bandicoots

October 25th - Willy Truitt Speaks On His Own

October 22nd - Greg Howard Sounds Off

October 17th - Chris Cork's Official Statement

October 17th - Message from Willy Truitt's Agent - Scott Boras

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