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"The Scoop" is Back with His Views on Cork Bowl XXII

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October 28th - The "Scoop" Found Dead in His Home Back to Cork Bowl
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October 28th- - The "Scoop": The Best in Investigative Sports Reporting

A legendary football reporter known as "The Scoop" was recently found dead. Although the autopsy is not complete, authorities suspect foul play. "Scoop" was found with massive head injuries on the back of his head as well as injuries to the lower calf muscles.

After a thorough investigation, detectives suspect there may have been 2 assailants. Lead detective Ben Matlock stated, "Due to the angle of the injuries, we believe that there may have been one killer about the same size as "Scoop" and one who was much shorter, perhaps, and I know this sounds crazy, a midget. Based on the depth of the injuries to the calf muscles, the midget murderer is obviously somebody who packs a wallop."

As of right now, investigators are focusing their inquiries on two Cork Bowl players of whom "The Scoop" has had some rough opinions. The first is former Cork Bowl star Chris Cork. "Scoop" has let it be known many times that he feels as if Cork is a cheap shot artist as well as a player who should have retired years ago. The other suspect is the diminutive in height, but massive in muscle, current Cork Bowl star Greg Howard. "Scoop" has often shared that he thought that Howard needed to stop using steroids and go play in a league against people who actually took care of their bodies.

Matlock was quoted as saying, "Based on the cheap shot from behind in the injuries to the lower calf muscles, it only makes sense that these two are guilty of the crime." With Cork Bowl upcoming, sponsors are trying hard to delay the investigation so that the Cork Bowl legends can play in this years game. Cork said, "I didn't like Scoop, but I'm a wuss and can't hurt anybody, so it obviously wasn't me." Howard responded, "I was visiting with Barry Bonds and Brian Cushing at the time of the crimes, so I'm innocent until proven otherwise."

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